How to Build a Micro Spray System

A way to decrease the sweltering summer heat to find your comfortable patio. Just several step you can enjoy your achievement.

First you need have two or three or four push to connect fittings, it depends on your needs of the patio, after that match one brass mist fitting for each connector fitting, which is the core of the spray system.Some 1/4” inner size tube is necessary, after ready all of these works, then connect the connector with the tube one by one, just like below example. At end of the connector, use a plug insert the connector which can stop the leaking from end side. a2813b537216d2493013d56a6752285


Water faucet could be a source to provide the pressed water, or you could choose a pump, that would be better with bigger pressure. Turn on the switch, the mist spray system can work to provide cooling air.


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